Shades of Love

Sunday, Feb. 14                                                                                                               

Today is Valentine’s Day.  A day to celebrate love.  Most of us don’t take Valentine’s Day too seriously.  The significance of it is somewhat lost in antiquity.  One could research the origin but much of it would be lost or skewed.  And who really cares?  The significance of any event of the past tends to deteriorate with time and after several centuries of time, there is no reason to think that we know how Valentine’s Day evolved.  Valentine’s Day today is mostly on the romantic level, not too much on family love—love for Mom and Dad or brother and sister—and practically nothing on love for God or His love for us.  A lot of people define love as sexual desire.  And that is why so many marriages fail within a few weeks or months.  Because of it’s nebulous origin and loss of serious significance, I don’t really get too excited about Valentine’s Day.  But there is some good in it.  Any time people show love for one another, it’s good.  We give little gifts, cards and notes, words, and sometimes even do little acts of kindness.  Those are positive and good.  But the motive behind some of this is superficial, self serving and temporary.  I find it unrewarding to spend a lot of energy on shallow, self serving and temporary facsimiles of love.  When pseudo love is replaced by real love, godly love, the result has to be good.  It will be of eternal value.  If you want to do something of eternal value, make it a point to do a loving act for someone today.  That will make Valentine’s Day meaningful.

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