Two Presidents

Monday, Feb. 15                                                                    

Today is Presidents’ Day.  There used to be two days set aside in February to honor a president.  Now that it has been reduced to a single holiday, it is apparently broadened to include all U.S. presidents.  You no doubt understand that the two men who were originally honored in this way were George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.  Washington led our people to independence from England and was overwhelmingly chosen to be our first president.  This is very important and worthy of national recognition, but it’s not the whole story.  What drove Washington was his faith in God and his commitment to godly government.  This seems more important to me than what he accomplished.  Lincoln also led our nation through a crucial and critical time.  He solidified the union and brought about the end of slavery.  Worthy accomplishments indeed.  But we should not forget the force behind the man.  He was a Godly man, a man of faith.  We are deeply indebted to these two great men of faith.  There are other presidents who were men of faith and other presidents that achieved great things.  All presidents had their faults, including Washington and Lincoln, but some presidents are most remembered by their faults rather than their moral character.  And that’s why it’s important to honor these two men.  We need more of their kind.

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