Monday, Feb. 29                                                                              

While I’m extolling the YWAM policy on heart to heart evangelism, let me add another.  They want all their missionary families to accept their children as part of the missionary team.  They think of them as being “called” to the ministry just as their parents are.  I really like that.  We have a family in our little church that really exemplifies this.  Their three children range from about eight years old down to two or so.  Hannah, the oldest, and her sister Emily, have been very concerned about a relative that doesn’t go to church.  They started praying for this man some months ago.  A few Sundays ago, lo and behold, the man came to church.  I’m not sure what prompted him to come or what he got out of the church service, but I know how Hannah and Emily felt.  And I know how the Mom and Dad felt.  And it left an impact on our congregation.  Some years back in our Bolivian MK school, the first and second graders, a combined class, were really into praying for the needs of the school and people in particular.  There was nothing too big for God in their minds.  For them, it was so simple.  God wants good things to happen and He tells us to ask Him to do it.  We older ones were quite tolerant of that but also “realistic.”  Our take on it drastically changed when we began to see that their prayers were being answered.  It got to the point where if someone really wanted to see God do something they would go to the first and second graders to get them to pray about it.  No wonder Jesus enjoyed little children.  All three synoptic gospels record His view of little children.  He praised them as both humble and trusting.  In fact, He said that anyone who is not like these little children will never enter the kingdom of God.  That’s pretty strong!   Maybe those first and second graders should be called KMs (kid missionaries) rather than MKs (missionary kids).  YWM has it right!  Kids can be effective missionaries.  And I need to be more humble and more trusting!

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2 Responses to KMs

  1. Galilee says:

    Yes and amen. Thank you for this powerful message Mr Lotz.

    • davelotz says:

      You might say that I have great respect for young people’s capacities. Most us us vastly underestimate their abilities, not just in acedemiscs or skills such as music and sports, but in the spiritual arena, too. Thanks for your comment.

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