I’m a Priest!

Tuesday, Mar. 1                                                                                 

Jesus as a superior high priest “puts all other priests out of business.”—Tom Thieme, in a message from Heb. 7.  Melchizedek is a type of Christ, our high priest.  He is seen as superior to the Aaronic priests because Abraham, the father of the Jews,  gave a tithe to him.  But Melchizedek was just as human as the Aaronic priests and just as limited.  The reason for this is that they had no solution to the sin problem. Nor were they expected to.  Their job was to expose the sin problem in preparation for the future Lamb of God who would provide a remedy.  Without Christ, there is no human being born into this world that would have escaped hell.  No sinful human being could pay the price for his own sin, let alone pay for someone else’s.  Because Jesus was free from sin and a member of the human race, He alone was able to atone for our sin.  And as our mediator He can plead our case.  By being the sacrificial Lamb as well as our advocate, He is unequivocably far superior to all other priests.  But, as Shakespeare would say, “Here is the rub.”  Peter says we are  a “royal priesthood” in 1 Peter 2:9.  That, people, is a high office, far above the Jewish priests and even Melchizedek.  Why are we called priests?  Like the Aaronic priests, we speak for God.  The difference between them and us is the message.  Their message was “Sin is to be judged and we can do nothing about it, but there is a solution coming in the future.”  Our message is “The Messiah has taken care of the sin problem.  We can be restored to fellowship with God by faith in our Redeemer, Jesus Christ.”  Representing God is an awesome responsibility.  The message is clear.  Declaring it is our job.  And as His agents, we have all the power and authority of heaven behind us.  Anything else you need?

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