Nudges Needed

Wednesday, Mar. 2                                                   

“Comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable.”—source unknown.  As usual, a proverb is not hard to understand.  We need to comfort the afflicted.  There are people in our church that are hurting and need all the TLC they can get.  Afflicting the comfortable might need a little more explanation.  Comfort can be a good thing, but it’s possible to get too comfortable as we live out our Christian lives.  It’s so easy to become complacent.  I’ve heard more about “getting out of our comfort zone” recently in our church than I have for a long time, so at least we’re aware of the need.  The next step is to be nudged out of our comfy little nest.  Mama and Papa birds often push their little darlings out of the nest, forcing them to take wing.  Have you ever seen a year old bird still sitting in the nest where he was hatched, still being fed by Mama bird?  Neither have I.  So each of us needs a little shove to get moving.  “Affliction” might be too strong a term, but the issue is real.

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