Seeing is Believing?

Thursday, Mar. 17                                         

‘We don’t understand in order to believe; we believe in order to understand.”  This statement really made me think.  Most of our world rejects Christianity because there are so many things that hinge on faith.  They want to accept only what is empirical, things that can be proven beyond a doubt.  The problem with this is that apart from religious beliefs, they accept things that work, even though there is no empirical evidence as to why they work.  The universe is a long way from being explained, but it’s there.  Doctors don’t know every thing about our bodies, but they know remedies that work.  No one fully understands electricity, but we use it to an extent that our technical world would collapse without it.  Scientists of all kinds keep trying things to see if they will work.  If they do, there’s a market out there for them.  So fully understanding is not the issue.  There’s empirical proof and then there’s evidence.  Every thing in our world shows evidence for Christian truth.  The point is that when we accept the evidence and trust it, it leads us to more truth.  If people—including scientists—would come to grips with their inconsistency, our world would be a much better place.  It would be populated with loving, caring people called Christians.

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