Sick Trees

Wednesday, Mar. 23                                                                                                       

An age old question was again raised last Sunday.  Do we sin because we’re sinners or are we sinners because we sin?  Sort of like the chicken and the egg conundrum!  In terms of our position before God, it may not matter a whole lot.  Either way, we are justifiably condemned.  But there is an important issue here.  Sins are just symptoms of an endemic condition.  We cannot become sinless by eliminating sins in our lives—even if we could, which we can’t.  The condition remains.  It’s like the good tree and the bad tree in Mt. 7:17.  “. . . every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit.”  You can get rid of all the bad fruit and the tree will just bear more bad fruit. It’s like being sick.  We might get a fever down to normal, which is good, but that only deals with a symptom.  The disease can still be there.  The germ or virus has to be totally eliminated to result in a cure.  So it is with sin.  The source has to be dealt with—something that we can’t do.   Fortunately, Doctor God was aware of it, and provided a cure,  and not just a one time cure.  The cancer of sin can never return.  We are immune for the rest of our lives and for all eternity.  Not only that!  This disease will be abolished once and for all—in the lake of fire.  That is far more important than finding a final cure for cancer.  In fact, the demise of sin means the end of cancer and all those other things that have plagued the human race throughout our history.  And, by the way, the chicken and egg problem will not be very significant, either.

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