Amazing Grace

Friday, Mar. 25                                                                     

We all minimize the enormity of sin.  But a reminder won’t hurt.  Jesus left his position in heaven to endure a life of abuse on earth.  His own people rejected Him and sentenced Him to death.  Sin cost Jesus His incarnate life, as well as a once in eternity separation from the Father.  Jesus was the only member of the human race that did not sin, yet He suffered the cruelest death that sinful man could come up with.  The day before the crucifixion, Jesus, knowing what was coming, washed the disciples’ feet.  One little sin is enough to send a person to hell.  There will be no sin in heaven.  There is no single moment in this life that we are not sinning.  Paul said that he was the worst of all sinners (1 Tim. 1:15).  John Newton was a big figure in the slave trade.  He was absolutely amazed that God would save him.  No one has ever been saved without being a rebel first.  I’m not trying to be morbid or put a guilt trip on you.  I’m just trying to get you to understand the enormity of grace.  The more we see sin the way God sees it, the more we will appreciate grace.  Like Newton, be amazed!  Rejoice!  Give thanks!  Worship Him!  And it wouldn’t hurt to produce a little fruit.

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