Enigmas and Trust

Sunday, Mar. 27                                                                     

It is said that confession is good for the soul.  I’m going to help my soul by confessing—right now.  I confess that I am sometimes puzzled by God.  It almost seems that He enjoys keeping us guessing.  The more I study the Bible, the more paradoxes I find.  There’s sovereignty of God and free will.  There’s being declared righteous and yet we are not yet righteous.  It is only God that can make us righteous, yet we are told what to do and not to do, to “put off” and “put on.”  There is the passing on of Adam’s sin so that I am born a sinner, yet Jesus was born of Mary and was without sin.  If Jesus was incapable of sinning because He is God, how could He be tempted?  Then there’s the enigma of the trinity.  How can three be one?  And the dual nature of Christ.  FULLY man and FULLY God?  The Bible is absolutely loaded with parables, figures of speech, analogies, and symbolism.  OK, I’m constantly puzzling over a lot of things.  Is God teasing me?  Does He delight in keeping me guessing?  Why couldn’t He just spell it out clearly?  I don’t think I have all the answers to this; otherwise, I would no longer be puzzled.  But I do have a thought or two.  First of all, we are finite and God is infinite.  That’s in every category—intelligence, power, holiness, as well as in loving care.  There are things in our finite state—exacerbated by the sin nature—that precludes understanding things the way God does.  Second, I fully believe on the basis of what I DO know about God that He is not holding back things without a good reason.  I may not know all the reasons, but I’m convinced they’re there.  Third, I believe all this uncertainty is not to produce confusion or doubt, but to promote trust.  God has given us sufficient evidence to trust Him for all the rest.  Why is that important?  It puts us in a dependent position.  We ARE dependent, but we need to recognize it and incorporate it into our lives as we relate to God.  Dependence keeps us humble.  Humility is somewhat of an antidote for the selfish nature that pervades us while we live out our earthly lives.  Yes, God knows exactly what He’s doing.  I rest my case.

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