Count Your Faults

Tuesday, Mar. 29                                           

We all have some “down” days, days that whether for real and known reasons or for no known reason leave us depressed or lacking motivation.  Sometimes I remember the hymn “Count Your Many Blessings.”  If I do and follow through on it I generally overcome my sour disposition.  I just learned a new way to deal with this.  Count your many faults.  My list went:  angry, selfish, antagonistic, rebellious, proud, lazy, conceited, undisciplined, and critical.  And that only took a few minutes.  I guess I could have come up with a few more.  So, why would I want to count my faults?  Each fault that I had on my list was covered.  None of them will be held against me.  They are all forgiven.  I’m not guilty.  I’m not condemned.  It’s as though I never had any faults.  I’ve been made righteous.  I’m in good standing with God.  I’m part of His family.  He chose me even though I didn’t deserve it.  All of that is pure grace.  At the conclusion of this little exercise I realized that my “grace list” was just long enough to cover the entire “fault list.”  You might say that counting your many faults is the flip side of counting your many blessing.   Either one will get me out of the doldrums.  End result?  I’m ready for combat, ready for service, ready for bearing fruit.  And, inevitably I’m a happy man—and those around me might be happy, too.

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