Weeds and Flowers

Thursday, Mar. 31                                                     

While weeding in my back yard it came to me that we have to work hard to get rid of weeds, but we also have to work hard to keep our flowers alive.  Why is that?  Weeds proliferate to the point that we can hardly keep them under control.  But flowers have to be planted and well cared for or they die.  My thoughts went to Adam and Eve.  One of their punishments was that the ground would be cursed.  No longer would they just watch it all grow and go pick an orange or mango whenever they wanted to.  Not only were they driven from that beautiful garden, but they had to deal with weeds and cultivate vegetables, fruit trees and flowers.  That’s if they had any time to deal with flowers.  Adam found out what sweat was.  He did not have insecticides; nor was there a nearby store to buy seeds.  Imagine the struggle he had making tools, starting from scratch, no power saw or lathe.  No electricity, no metal to work with.  OK, you get the point.  I then began to question the reason for the punishment.  Was it simply quid pro quo?  Was it just to make “the punishment fit the crime?”  I don’t think so.  The punishment was sending a message; it was a wake up call.  It was to make Adam and Eve aware of the enormity of their sin, of its eternal consequences, of a lost relationship with their creator.  I can see Adam out in his little vegetable patch, hacking away at weeds, and trying to find a way to get water to those carrots.  And thinking “Why did we do this?  What can we do to get back into fellowship with God?  He learned that his condition was permanent and he could do nothing about it.  But God also hinted at a possible solution–so maybe there was hope.  But it was totally up to God.  The only possible option for Adam and Eve was to plead for mercy.  Ah, ha!  Precisely.    SO, for me when I fight the weeds and care for my flowers, I know why.  I have pled for mercy.  I have been redeemed.  But it’s another one of those  “It’s now.  But not yet.”


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