Climbing Mountains

Sunday, Apr. 3                                                           

I marvel at Moses.  He was about 80 years old when he climbed up and down Mt. Sinai three times in one day.  I’m 87, and if I could do what he did, I would be totally wiped out.  I certainly would have no patience with the Israelites, especially since they were the cause of at least two of the three round trips.  Not only was Moses patient, he had such a heart for his people that he turned down God’s offer to wipe out the people and start over with Moses—twice!   It’s not hard to see why God loved the man.  What a role model!  I would be like him!  OK, I have scads of mountains all around me.  But, no thanks!  And, by the way, I marvel at God’s patience and grace, too.

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