I’m Unique

Friday, Apr. 8                                                             

Being made in the image of God is unique in us humans.  No other creation is so designated.  That could be described as being a microcosm of God.  Yet I am not God.  Nor am I a demigod.  We have God-like qualities—morality, intelligence, self will, etc., but only in a limited way.  So we say that God is ALL knowledgeable, ALL powerful, EVERYWHERE present—omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent.  A bigger issue is why God made us this way.  Because I’m not omniscient, I don’t have a full answer, but God has given us a revelation of Himself and His plans for this world.  A lot can be gleaned from that revelation that we would otherwise be ignorant about.  For one, He wants to have a unique kind of relationship with us, a relationship that no other created being has.  We have the ability to communicate with God on cosmic subjects—morality, evil, heaven and hell, love and hate, decision making, and much more.  A few men in history have experienced a high degree of communication with God.  Enoch and Elijah obviously are in that category.  So was Noah, Abraham, Moses, Samuel, David.  Some of them are listed in Heb. 11.  Obviously, there were New Testament people, too—Peter, John, Barnabas, Paul.  And more in later centuries—Ambrose, Augustine, Luther, Calvin, Moody, Spurgeon, and Jonathan Edwards to name a few, and even some in our day—which I’ll refrain from naming.  Now, here’s where the hammer falls.  We ALL have the same capacity to be in that camp.  Yes, I know that God chooses men for certain ministries, but there’s our part in it, too.  Was it Moody who said that the world has yet to see a man that was fully devoted to God?  I hope I’m not putting a guilt trip on you.  But we all need to understand that although

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