Pure Being

Saturday, Apr. 9                                                                    

“God and God alone is pure being.”—R. C. Sproul.  He is called the Supreme Being.  We are called human beings, as are angels.  As Sproul points out, the word “supreme” is inadequate.   “Supreme” just means that God is above all other beings, which is true, but it still does not sufficiently identify God.  The part that’s missing is that God is not a creature.  That is, He was never created.  He always was. He is totally self-sufficient.  He needs nothing.  No thing or creature can add anything to God.  And that is why Sproul calls God a pure being. “Our being, by contrast, is derived, dependent, and contingent.”  So why is this truth important?  It causes us to better understand our finite position.  The gulf between the only pure being and us is—well, infinite.  Being derived, dependent, and contingent should make us fall on our faces in fear.  Think of an ant coming face to face with an anteater, and you’ll get the picture.  This is the difference between a creature and a “Pure Being.”  Throw in the sin nature, and the situation is immeasurably worse.  Understanding this enhances our view of God’s love, mercy, patience, and grace.  By seeing God as a “Pure Being” we can avoid being glib with Him—or indifferent, casual, or self-seeking.  Grace will take on new meaning.  Prayer will become more meaningful, and we will be better equipped to serve Him.    

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