Sharing the Candy

Thursday, Apr. 14                                                      

The New Covenant gives us access to five things that are named in Heb. 10:22-25.  “Let us draw near to God . . .”   The implication is that we could never draw near to God before, but now we can.  Nothing in the Law provides open access to God.  For the first time since sin entered the world, we have that privilege.  That’s because we are declared sinless.  God cannot tolerate sin, so being cleansed by the blood of Christ opens the door to being in the very presence of God.  This access to God paves the way for the other four things.  “Let us hold fast . . . to the hope we possess.”   The hope is the certainty of spending eternity with God.  As the superior high priest, this is guaranteed.  It is an anchor that keeps us on track no matter what we might have to endure.  “Let us consider how to spur one another to love and good deeds.”  Our new, intimate relationship with God motivates us to help our fellow believers in the job we are mutually entrusted with.  “Let us not give up meeting together.”  Since we are responsible to spur one another on, be need to take time to be together—not just to chit chat, but to help each other mature with the goal of reaching the lost.  “Let us encourage one another.”  We need each other, and that is especially true when going through a difficult time.  You might notice that the first two of the above five benefits focus on what we get by this New Covenant.  The other three focus on how we can benefit our fellow believers.  It’s like sharing the candy.  We are blessed and then we are doubly blessed by blessing others.

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