Idol Factories

Friday, Apr. 15                                                                       

The reformers were particularly concerned with man’s propensity to idolatry.  Calvin called the human heart “an idol factory.”  We don’t need objects of wood or stone to bow down to.  Any distortion of God’s character is idolatry.  Behind all this is man’s desire to have a god that he can manipulate.  Just as with Adam, man wants to be in charge of his life.  He doesn’t want restrictions.  He wants to be his own boss.  This common tendency has taken root in our thinking and has invaded the church to the extent that many churches’ statements of faith have been compromised.  As R.C. Sproal says, “Its influence is so strong and pervasive that it seeks to infiltrate Christian theology at every point.”  We end up with belief systems that skew the majesty of God, and make it easy to avoid dealing with sin and preaching the gospel.  Knowing that we have this problem is a good starting point.  Correcting it is something else.  Sproal suggests “Only by a rigorous attention and devotion to the biblical doctrine of God will we be able to keep from tasting and even swallowing this noxious brew.”  A constant focus on what the Bible says is incredibly important.  The majesty of God cannot be over emphasized.

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