A Universal Message

Wednesday, Apr. 20                                     

“When God made the universe and then created man, He sent a message about Himself.”  So what was the message?  Our universe is so big, it staggers us.  We don’t deal with miles.  We deal with light years.  Tell me, if you can, the number of miles in one light year.  And we’re dealing with millions of light years!  And still have no idea how big the universe is.  If there is a border we don’t have tools to find it.  And the astronomers tell us that the universe is constantly expanding.  Then there’s the other end of things.  It hasn’t been so long ago that man discovered that matter is made of atoms, so small that microscopes were required to see them.  Then atoms of even smaller particles were discovered.  And now there is evidence that there is a world of anti-matter out there.  It boggles your mind on both ends.  How small is small?  How big is big?  If that is not enough, how about Einstein developing a simple formula to prove that matter can be transformed into energy?    And he did it by mathematics!  When I was in college, our Calculus professor told the class that Einstein’s theory was understood by only about five men in the world—with the implication that he was one of them.  This was about 15 years after Einstein’s formula came out.  By the way, Professor Bell was one of math whizzes that developed the atom bomb. He had an amazing brain.  He could lay out a Calculus problem writing as fast as he could on two big blackboards while describing the weather patterns in Germany.  Awesome.  I’ve never encountered a brain like that before or since.  So what is the message?  What does all this say about God?  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out.  In blunt language, we are puny and God is just the opposite.  But that’s only half the message.  The rest of the message is that we were deliberately created to have fellowship with our creator.  He designed us in His image, demonstrated His love by sending His “only begotten son” to pay for our sin so that we can fellowship with Him forever.  The message is astronomically big, just like our universe.  But the message is simple enough for our puny minds to understand!  Awesome!

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One Response to A Universal Message

  1. Galilee Weldon says:

    Again Mr. Lotz thank you for the great reminder of how great our God and we are privileged recipients of his love and grace. Thank you

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