Friday, Apr. 22                                                                       

Insomnia.  I like this word.  I like the way it rolls off the tongue.  I don’t necessarily like staying awake when I go to bed.  I want to sleep.  Sometimes sleep evades me, which brings more stress and therefore more insomnia.  That’s bad, but there’s a good side to insomnia.  It all depends on how I respond to it.  Sometimes a small snack like a few crackers or a granola bar will help me get to sleep.  Other times, maybe a Tylenol.  Sometimes I use the time to pray.  That is always profitable.  I  think that God may even induce insomnia to get my attention so that I do pray.  Sometime I go to sleep in the process which I guess is OK.  Sometimes meditation sheds new light on a Scriptural truth, and sometimes it is a problem in my life that I need to deal with.  I often get thoughts that lead to writing a blog, as with this one.  All that is good; insomnia can be very beneficial.  So instead of thinking of insomnia as a malady or worse, a plague, which is a constant malady, I need to think of insomnia as a friend.  It could be designed by God for some purpose of which I know nothing about.  It took me awhile to take notice, but another odd  thing happened.  I found that after bouts of insomnia that resulted in positive encounters with God, I was fully rested when I rose in the morning and the whole day went by without drowsiness or lack of energy.  Sometimes it costs something to fall in line with God’s agenda, but He has a track record of rewarding faithful service.  For the record, I still like my sleep.  I don’t really look forward to insomnia.  It’s not always a positive experience.

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