Guilt Trips

Saturday, Apr. 23                                                      

Sometimes I ask God to help me get to sleep.  Most of the time a draw a blank on that.  I even get guilty about it when I think how picayune and selfish I am.  While men, women and children are being beheaded for their faith, I’m lying in a comfortable bed, feeling deprived because I can’t get to sleep—and I don’t even have to get up early to go to work.  Guilt sets in.  And I meditate.  It comes to me that God is big enough to handle it.  As humans, we think in terms of major issues and minor issues.  We concentrate on the big things and let the little things go.  We have priority lists.  God doesn’t need to do that.  He can handle all the big ones and still deal all the little ones.  OK, I need to keep things in proportion.  Martyrdom is a big issue.  I need to pray for those in that kind of stress.  But God is big enough to do that and still take care of my picayune problems.  In fact, He delights when we depend on Him, whether it’s a big thing or a small thing.  I don’t need to feel guilty.  But I do need to pray more for people with far greater problems.

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