Corporate Prayer

Saturday, Apr. 30                                                      

Corporate prayer is not practiced too much in today’s churches.  We have a handful of people for our weekly home prayer meetings.  I’m well aware that many of our people pray for our church needs regularly and I’m also aware that our time for meeting does not allow for employed people to attend.  I began to think of the very first days of the church back there in Jerusalem.  Two occasions of corporate prayer are recorded.  One (Acts 2:23-31) was when Peter and John were seized by the Sanhedrin,  reprimanded, and thrown in jail.  After their release, the church met to praise God and to ask for boldness to continue preaching the gospel.  The other (Acts 12:1-17) was when Peter was jailed and threatened with death.  A few Christians were in a home meeting praying for him.  It struck me that despite the church being numbered in the thousands at that time, corporate prayer was carried on in small groups.  And that’s OK.  It’s not the numbers; it’s the earnest prayers (Acts 12:5) and the faithfulness of God to answer prayer.

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