Saturday, May 7                                                                      

Caveat 3:  the canon of Scripture was determined by fallible men.  Because men are fallible, can their decisions as to which writings are divinely inspired be correct?  Who says which writings are divinely inspired and which are not?  And what guidelines are used to make those decisions?  Common acceptance came first.  Official decisions followed.  Though the 39 O.T. books were accepted as divinely inspired Scripture for centuries, they were not officially recognized as such by Jewish leaders until about 118 A.D.—well after the Church was established.  The Church canonized them a little later.  Common acceptance and official decisions are important, both of which involve fallible man.  But the Church has accepted the truth that the Holy Spirit not only inspired the fallible men who wrote scripture, but guided a fallible populace to accept the revealed truth, and the fallible men who officially verified the writings as inspired.  Not empirical proof—and calls for a little faith.

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