Yearning or Brooding

Tuesday, May 10                                           

I have quite a few relatives and friends that are getting up there in years.  They have something in common besides old age.  Every one of them is finding it hard to cope with life.  Most of the things they liked to do, they can no longer do.  Eye problems keep them from enjoying TV.  Hearing is so bad they retreat into a silent world of their own.  Not only is walking a problem, but they can’t sleep, either.  They are dependent on someone else for almost all functions of life, including indignities that I won’t mention.  Their world is one of doctors and pills.  Worst of all, they feel useless.  When a person gets to this stage, they react in one of two ways.  They either yearn for heaven or they brood.  I don’t know if a poll has been taken on this issue, but my casual observation is that the yearning ones are Christians, and the brooding ones are not.  We have six or seven in our little congregation that fall into this age bracket.  Every one of them has such a positive attitude that I’m strengthened and encouraged by them.  Their very attitude of yearning for heaven and gracefully accepting their physical limitations is a powerful witness to what God has done and is doing in their lives.  And, since I’m 87, I’m in the same class.  I haven’t come to the end of my physical capabilities yet, but I’m getting close.  And God is meeting my needs just fine.  And, yes, I’m yearning more and more.


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