Leftover Mercy

Thursday, May 12                                                                    

“We don’t live on leftover mercy.”—from a missionary prayer letter. Sometimes we tend to think of mercy as something we experienced when we were converted. For me that was about 80 years ago. I remember well of when I was granted mercy, the time when I became aware of my sinful condition and exercised faith in Christ to resolve my sin problem. I was absolved of all sins—past, present, and future—in terms of salvation. In terms of living out the Christian life since that time, however, I have pretty much thought of mercy in the past tense. Like the Galatians, I tended to think that I could now perform just fine on my own, so long as I “followed Christ” and did my best to serve God. What a sad mistake. I have come to realize that mercy is a fairly regular thing. More recently, I’ve realized that mercy is being applied all the time. The message in the above quotation is that mercy has never stopped. While we are in this life, we are beset with the sin nature. As long as sin continues, mercy is needed. And God is right there to provide it. It’s awesome to realize that God continued to shower me with mercy, even when I was unaware that I needed it. I thank God for that and I thank the missionary that reminded me of it.

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