Dear Children

Thursday, May 26

Sunday we sang “God Leads us Along.” The message was that whether life is pleasant or full of trials, God is leading. We all relish the good times. The hard times are just that—hard. We would be happy to avoid them or get them over with as quickly as possible. The hymn reminds me that God is leading us in both situations. The hard times are for a purpose and my God is leading the way. David probably had much more of the hard times than the easy times, but he got the message. Psalm 23. After being led along the cool waters, he was led through the valley of the shadow of death. His response? “I will fear no evil, for you are with me.” But as we sang this hymn the thing that hit me was the “dear children.” Over and over “God leads his dear children along.” God loves me and cares for me just as a good shepherd cares for his sheep. When I think about what I can offer God, it is truly amazing that He can call me his dear child. “Lead on, O King Eternal!”

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