Picture Puzzle Marriages

Wednesday, June 8

A married couple was meant to be a team.  Each one was to have a different role, but would fit in perfectly with each other.  Think of a picture puzzle.  Hundreds of very similar pieces, yet each one has exactly one place where it fits perfectly.  The end result is a beautiful picture, a piece of art to be appreciated and enjoyed.  There are no male pieces or female pieces, but you get the picture—no pun intended.  Here’s a man’s analogy.  I want to tighten a nut, so I go get my socket set.  Sockets come in all sizes, both metric and standard.  Too small or too big—too bad.  Hexagon rather than pentagon—ditto.  A woman’s analogy.  pots and pans.  Find the lid that fits the pan you’re using.  And the bedroom curtains have to match the bed spread.  In like manner, a man and wife need to fit.  When a couple plans to marry, how often do we wonder if they are a good fit?  Will this marriage be successful?  A misfit can end in disaster, but with extra effort and counsel, it can work out. But it’s a risk.  The Bible tells us not to be unequally yoked together.  That generally applies to a Christian marrying a non-Christian, but might also be applied to other kinds of misfits.  Ignore that injunction at your own risk.  Some of my readers will know exactly what I’m talking about.

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