Saving Time

Saturday, June 11                            

Cutting corners is a time issue.  We want to save time so as to use it for something else.  We have a thing called Daylight Saving Time.  It neither saves time nor saves daylight time.  There is exactly the same number of minutes of daylight whether you’re on Daylight Saving Time or not.  We have exactly the same amount of time in each day.  When it’s gone, it’s gone—well spent or wasted.  So we really don’t need Daylight Saving Time; we need a Quality Saving Time.  Yes, cutting corners can become habitual and can end up controlling my life.  There is absolutely no need to save time if the time saved gets used for selfish purposes.  But if time saved is used for something good, cutting corners is a positive thing. It can allow me a little more time for prayer, for example.  Eph. 5:16 encourages us to “redeem the time.”  That passage has more to it than what I’m dealing with here, but I think it is a proper application to this cutting corners thing.  I need to take control of the time allotted me.  It takes organization and discipline, neither of which comes easily to me.  Jesus shows us the way here.  He was the perfect role model.  Every moment of His earthly life was used to glorify the Father.  I, of course, am not God, and I will never measure up to Jesus’ standard, but I can strive to emulate Him.  Allowing “self” to control my life is like floating down the river.  Making a concerted effort to use all my time to the glory of God is like swimming up river.  It is exhausting and demands consistency and stamina—and divine help.

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