Inevitable Conflict

Tuesday, June 14

Some people like to fight, but most of us don’t.  We hate conflicts, and confrontations are to be avoided.  That’s not all bad.  The Bible tells us in Rom. 12:18 “If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.”  This verse implies that it is not always possible to live in perfect tranquility.  Again, Mr. Prakesh nails it. “Conflict is OK so long as there is mutual respect.”   He was addressing civil engineer graduates and no doubt had in mind men and women teaming up to solve a problem.  In that scenario, conflict is both inevitable and positive.  Each member of the team has something unique to contribute to a solution.  The caveat in Dr. Pradesh’s statement is very important.  There has to be mutual respect for one another on the team or the team falls apart and a solution becomes unlikely.  This is so apropos for Christians.  We are united in Christ with a mission that is far more important than constructing a building.  Just as with an engineering team, each one of us has unique contributions to make.  Conflict is probably inevitable, but the mission must go on.  Fortunately, God has provided a number of tools for conflict resolution—which I don’t have space to enumerate or describe.  But we need to be resolute in getting on with the job, whether it is strengthening our fellow believers or reaching people that need to be introduced to Christ.

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