Building Churches

Saturday, June 18

“When we make a church we don’t always make disciples.  When we make disciples we always make a church.  Go therefore and make disciples.”—Prayer letter from Troy Gallagher, quoting a man on their mission trip to Nepal.  Many churches make no effort to disciple their members.  They might be well fed spiritually, which is a good start.  From math:  “necessary but not sufficient.”  Churches that make no effort to prepare their people for replicating themselves will perish sooner or later.  It is significant that when Jesus spoke to His disciples just before ascending into heaven, He did not tell them to go out and found churches.  He said go and make disciples.”   It’s also noteworthy that Jesus said “I will build my church.”  So our job is to evangelize, which involves preaching the gospel, and seeing people come to Christ, but in addition, to disciple them, to teach them how to also go out and evangelize.  Missionaries often talk about establishing churches, and I don’t want to quibble with that, but it all starts with getting converts and teaching them how to reproduce themselves spiritually.  Jesus will build His church—but we were chosen to be construction workers—making disciples.

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