Publicizing Problem

Monday, June 27

“Public problems have private causes.”—Pastor Brad Jenson.  This statement could apply to any number of situations—a problem between two people, a marriage relationship, a political issue. The point is that any negative thought or feeling against anyone will most likely surface.  It may not be broadcast to the general public, but will probably become “public” between the two people.  It may not be voiced; it might be just a facial expression, the “silent treatment,” or simply avoiding the other person.  In any case, it is a poison that wreaks havoc in a person.  I had a co-worker in Bolivia come to me several times to confess hard feelings toward me.  I was unaware of those “offenses,” but each one took a terrible toll on him.  I had nothing but respect for that man.  The Holy Spirit was working in Him, and he could not get relief until he confessed his sin to me in addition to confessing it to God.  In  Mt. 15:11 Jesus said “not what goes into the mouth defiles a man, but what comes out of the mouth, this defiles a man.”  It’s not necessarily words or deeds; it’s a thing of the heart.

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