Saturday, July 2                                

The word “ministry” is used a lot in Christian circles.  We all have an idea of what it is, but it might be a little fuzzy.  My first thought was that ministry is sermons and Sunday School teachers.  My second thought was that these are special people that are gifted and/or trained to do what they do.  And then I read Warren Wiersbe’s definition of “ministry” in his book “On Being a Servant of God.”  “Ministry takes place when divine resources meet human needs.”  The key words here are “divine resources.”  While human needs are often met through other human beings, the source has to be God.  The Holy Spirit motivates and gives wisdom, and opens a door of opportunity to be a channel of blessing to someone in need.  Notice, too, that this definition does not limit ministry to those who preach sermons or teach Sunday School classes.  Someone said that there is no “clergy” or “laity” in the church.  There’s truth in that.  According to the New Testamen, we are all to minister to one another. Check out Gal. 6:1-2 and Col. 3:12-16.  When you try to comfort one who just lost a husband, that’s ministry.  When you pray for a sick one, that’s ministry.  When you encourage someone who’s going through a hard time, that’s ministry.  Maintaining a godly life is ministry.  Sharing your faith with an unbeliever is ministry.  Don’t pawn all the ministry load on the “clergy.”  Listen to the Holy Spirit.  You’re chosen and commissioned. You might call it a duty.  I prefer to call it a privilege.

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