Perpetual Needs—for a Reason

Sunday, July 3

There is not a single person in our church that doesn’t have a need.  Some people have more needs than others.  Some needs are obvious, but others are not—for a variety of reasons.  Maybe it’s a marital problem or a sin problem.  Or maybe they don’t want to be thought of as a charity case.  So we don’t always know what others are struggling with. Then there’s the other side of the coin.  When we do recognize a need, how do we deal with it?  We have options:  We might not care.   We can let other people take care of their needs. Or we can take steps to help them:  Start with prayer.  Show that you care.  Be gentle and loving.  Listen.  Be patient.  Invest as much time as it takes.  A final thought:  It could be that God allows problems in our lives so that fellow believers can be blessed by being a part of the solution.  For every specific need there is a specific brother with a specific way to help.  God had solid reasons for instituting the church and calling on believers to meet together on a regular basis.  Don’t miss out.  You and the one in need will both be blessed.  And keep in mind that next week or next month you may be the one that needs help.

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