Clean Pipes

Wednesday, July 6                             

Since you’re still waiting for your Warren Wiersbe book, let me bless you with another nugget.  This thing of loving others is simple, but it is not simple.  The fact that we need to love people is simple.  How we come by that kind of love is not so simple.  We can read 1 Cor. 13 a hundred times and still not be able to live by it.  Wiersbe:  “The love that we need for ministry is not a natural ability; it’s a supernatural quality that only God can provide.”  Divine love doesn’t come from human effort.  It is not something we can just muster up.  It is a gift of God.  We  are “channels of blessing.”  Something interesting about channels.  They are simply the means of getting something important, like water, from one place to another.  Love is the commodity to be transferred from God to others.  I’m probably stretching the analogy of the channel a bit, but the channel, a pipe, if you like, is not love itself.  So God uses us to transmit His love to someone else.  Another thing to note.  Continuous flow is necessary.  A blockage stops it.  Which means that we, the pipeline, have to be without any blockages.  The continuous flow depends on a clean channel—all the time.  I guess you know that sin is a blockage.  And I’m assuming you know how to deal with it.

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