Humility Rewarded

Monday, July 11                                             

Phil. 2:3-9.  We are encouraged (if not commanded) to be humble.  Salvation is a work of grace—no merit on our part—but subsequent to salvation there are choices to make.  Humility is one of them.  The provision for humility is there.  We now have God’s power by means of the Holy Spirit, to make right choices.  But it’s not automatic, nor is it forced upon us.  As with the entire sanctification process, we will never attain perfection while in this world, but we have the means of making progress.  That includes humility.  God is by nature gracious, and He often promises rewards for achievements we make even though He makes provision for success and the power to make it happen.  This is true of humility as a I mentioned in yesterday’s blog.  But I find that if I’m basically trying to be humble in order to achieve a reward, it is a motivation that smacks of “self.”  My prime motive should be to become like Christ in order to please God and my secondary motive should be to be a positive witness for God in terms of my fellow believers and as a witness to unbelievers.  Nevertheless, God does offer rewards, and evidently wants the rewards to be a proper motivation for positive achievements.  This is no doubt at least one of the reasons for mentioning rewards in 1 Cor. 3.  It’s a bit of a paradox, and a little baffling to me, but I think both sides of the issue are true.  I need to be humble.  I have God given tools to be humble.  I can choose whether or not I want to be humble.  And I will be rewarded for it, whether I deserve it or not.

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