Deflated Footballs

Tuesday, July 12

Pastor Sandberg.  “A football is still a football when it has no air in it, but without air, it fails to function the way it was designed to function.”  He then prompted a congregational chuckle by mentioning Tom Brady and the deflategate rhubarb—which I will not go into.  But Pastor
Sandberg then made the connection with God giving us the indwelling Holy Spirit to empower  us.  You all know that the Holy Spirit is identified with air, particularly a strong, powerful movement of air.  Furthermore, just as air is unseen, so is the Holy Spirit.  It was an appropriate  analogy.  God made man to function in a spiritual realm and this can only happen with the Holy Spirit.  We can’t do what we were made to do without Him.  It would be just like trying to throw a totally deflated football.  Even Tom Brady would not be successful doing that.

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