Three Verities

Sunday, July 17                                  

Hebrews 11 is a much loved passage—and for good reason.  The entire gospel message is graphically revealed here.  The writer of Hebrews did not write chapter 11 just to tell us about the sufferings of God’s people through history.  The theme is not trials and tribulations.  It is not WHAT happened.  It’s WHY it happened.  All those heroes of the faith knew and embraced several truths.  1. God exists.  2.  He is holy.  3. God created man with the capacity to make moral choices.  4. He also made man to be eternal.  5. There are two kinds of eternity—heaven and hell.  6. Sin canceled the option to go to heaven.  7. Man is helpless to do anything about it.  8.  God provided a way out by sending His son to pay for our sin (not fully understood by the O.T. saints).  9. The gift of redemption is received only by faith.  10.  It is a certainty, although it hasn’t yet happened.  11.  So is hell—for the unredeemed.  All this is groundwork for Heb. 11.  The three “verities” mentioned by Paul in 1 Cor. 13 are all represented here.  God’s LOVE is demonstrated by the cross.  Redemption is received by FAITH.  A future home in heaven is as sure as God is holy.  God cannot lie.  It will happen.  That is HOPE.   A beautiful chapter!

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