Incomprehensible Love

Monday, July 18                                

I have been puzzled for years over some Biblical truths.  I accept them because I believe the Bible is inspired and reliable, but it doesn’t mean I have answers to these puzzling questions.  I don’t understand why God allowed sin to enter this universe, apparently by Satan and other fallen angels first, and eventually Adam and Eve and the entire human race.  Why was Satan allowed into the Garden of Eden?  Why are all descendants of Adam and Eve born with the sin nature?  How can a multitude of people languishing in hell for eternity be a victory for God?  And I have a few other questions, too.  These questions have been rumbling around in my brain for some time, and I’m still groping for answers, but maybe I got a little enlightenment awhile back.  I got to thinking about the company of saints as depicted in Heb. 11 that will exist for eternity as trophies of God’s grace.  Will that company of redeemed believers be so valuable to God that all these other issues are of no consequence?  If so, we far underestimate the value that God places on that company of believers.  We are cherished beyond our comprehension.   If I’m on the right track, it’s awesome!  His love for me is way beyond my understanding.  The result is a new view of how much I owe God, a greater feeling of gratitude, a new motivation to worship my loving redeemer, and the motivations to serve Him, to please Him, to get rid of sin in my life.  What an awesome thing to be a part of that company of saints!

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