Reservoirs and Channels

Tuesday, July 19                    

Salvation is much more than a “fire escape.”  Yes, we escape the eternal fire of hell, but if that were all that mattered, God would likely not leave us in this “foreign land.”  He would just take us to heaven.  When we are rescued from the bondage of Satan, we become servants of God.  We were bought with a price in order to serve God.  We are to be God’s witnesses to the ungodly, so that they, too, can become children of God and witnesses of His grace.  The Bible expresses this in terms of the grape vine.  Jesus is the vine and we are the branches that transmit the life giving nutrients to produce “fruit” for God.  This has been termed by some as “channels of blessing,”  which conjures up the use of pipes or channels to move water to where it is needed.  Warren Wiersbe in his book “On Being a Servant of God” has a lot to say about channels of blessing.  One of them is “We are channels of blessing, not reservoirs.  A reservoir stores up water.  The water is only useful when it is transferred to fertile land where seeds are planted.  Too many Christians store up an immense amount of  Biblical knowledge without ever using it.  Storing up knowledge does not “produce fruit.”  By the way, channels come in different sizes.  You might want to meditate on that.  How much of a channel am I?  How much of a channel are you?  Our reservoir of knowledge needs to be used.  Paul did a good job doing that,  So did Warren Wiersbe.

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