Honoring Others

Monday, July 25                                

Rom. 12:10.  “in honor preferring one another (KJV).”  NIV: “Honor one another above yourselves (NIV).”  In my estimation, this is one of the most disobeyed commands in Scripture.  I say “one of” because I think there are a number of others that right up there, too.  The truth is that we have very little control over moral issues that stem from pride, which is often considered the “original” sin.  Hate, envy, anger, and a host of others are in the same category.  Lack of gentleness, kindness, patience, and the like, are simply the reverse side of the coin.  And then we cover up so as to give the impression that we are something other than abject sinners.  Actually, all these sins start in the heart, a truth that is at the core of all that Jesus taught and that Paul and other New Testament writers taught.  Another way of putting it is that all these things directly oppose submission to God.  And that, of course, is exactly what Satan did, and what he induced Adam and Eve to do.   The answer is not in us.  Only God can resolve the problem.

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