Pride in Humility

Tuesday, July 26                                

“Some people are proud of their humility.”  It’s a clever statement that has been around for a long time.  It’s obviously an oxymoron.  If you were proud of your humility, you wouldn’t be humble.  Can a person be humble by denying that he’s humble?  If he truly is humble, to deny it would be wrong.  We have a catch 22 situation here.  As I meditated on this, I came to a few pertinent conclusions.  One.  No one is really humble.  Humility is exactly the opposite of pride.  Pride/ego/self-centeredness is endemic.  Until the sin nature is eventually eradicated we are not free of it.  That will only take place after our earthly life—when our corruptible bodies become incorruptible.  Two.  God is concerned about this, too.  He has declared us to be free of sin, but then puts us on a program called “sanctification” to get us moving in the right direction.  This program will proceed at varying speeds, depending on how much we yield to the work of the Holy Spirit.  Three.  There should progress in this area and we should be aware of the progress.  Four.  Any progress is a work of grace; we are not capable of making ourselves humble.  Five.  It would be wise to keep a discreet silence about our humility when the subject comes up.  If questioned, the best answer would be “God is working on it and so am I.”

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