The Big Stick

Wednesday, Aug. 3                            

“Ignore discipline, Expect more discipline.”—Tom Thieme.  You don’t hear this concept expressed much, but it is practiced a lot.  All football coaches practice it.  Teachers often use it  The military would not survive without it.  All caring parents practice on a regular basis.  It’s the “stick” part of the “stick and carrot” principle.  God consistently uses it.  The Israelites considered the trek through the desert hard, but they found out what hardness was when they provoked God over and over and eventually had to spend the rest of their lives in the desert.  Fortunately, their children got the message.  The flood is probably the most notable example of this principle.  An entire world—except for eight people—perished along with most of the world’s animal population.  Pretty big stick!  God is patient—far more patient than I am.  But there’s a limit to His patience.  And His wrath should be avoided at all costs.

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