Daniels and Stephens

Saturday, Aug. 6                                

Franklin Graham in his visit to the Oregon capitol said that we need more Daniels.  He noted that Daniel was a Jew in a pagan country.  He was a slave and a worshiper of the true God in the midst of a nation of idolaters.  Yet he was exalted to high positions, serving several kings in two different Empires, the Babylonian and the Persian.  What are the odds of that happening?  There is no limit to what God can do when people remain faithful under extreme circumstances.  Daniel was not unique.  Remember Joseph in Egypt.  Remember Nehemiah.  Remember Esther.  And Paul had considerable clout with Roman officials, too, although he was constantly being persecuted by both his own people and the Romans, and ended up being martyred.  Stephen never rose to a high position.  He was stoned to death for his unwavering faith.  Franklin could have just as well picked someone other than Daniel.  But the point is that all these people, whether serving kings or being martyred, did not compromise their faith.  Thousands of other unnamed people have lived their lives like Daniel—or like Stephen.  And it is not limited to Old Testament times or the Roman Empire. There are perhaps millions of people today who are following in the footsteps of these faithful men.  Every day more die.  Why does God allow this?  Not every one will be exalted as Daniel was, but God knows what He’s doing.  People take notice when Christians are willing to die rather than compromise their faith.  The Church has grown by the blood of the martyrs.  Are you willing to stand up for your faith in your work place?  Am I?  Yes, we need more Daniels.

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