Watch Your Attitude

Sunday, Aug. 7                          

The word “attitude” is a very common word.  Parents tell their kids “Watch your attitude” or “You’d better change your attitude.”  This English word is never used in the KJV.  But there  are other English words that reflect the meaning of the Greek word.  The KJV uses the word “mind.”  The Greek word connotes a broad view of this, more like a “mind set,” which approximates the meaning of “attitude.”  And I think this is the intent of parental admonitions.  They want their children to embrace a way of thinking that affects how to deal with all of life.  As I researched this word, I realized that it encompasses a gamut of contrasting choices that we have to make every day:  being content or complaining, positive or negative, encouraging or criticizing, giving or receiving, cheerful or grumpy, productive or lazy, happy or sullen, thankful or ungrateful, loving or hating, peaceful or antagonistic.  All of us will doubtless fail in one or more of these as we live out our lives today.  Ideally, we would never fail, but we are not perfect yet and we won’t be perfect while in this life.  But we should be developing a mind set that drives us to make right decisions.  The pattern should be daily improvement.  So when you falter today—which you will—make amends, get things right with God and others.  And move on.  I’ll take the place of your Mom for a moment and say “Watch you attitude.”

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