Unreal Pictures

Monday, Aug. 15                                

You don’t need a picture of your bride when you’re walking down the aisle with her.”  This pithy comment by Tom Thieme triggered some age old memories, specifically of our wedding day, June 7, 1953.  I can clearly remember what took place on that day, including watching my bride-to-be walking down the aisle escorted by her brother.  My heart was palpitating as never before.  I had eyes only for Elizabeth.  No one else really mattered.  You could probably guess what my reaction would be if someone had put a photograph of her in front of my face.  The real Elizabeth was coming down the aisle to become my wife.  I didn’t need a picture of her at that moment.  This analogy was intended by Tom to remind us of our intimate relationship with Christ.  Since He is in us, and we are in Him, He is always present, every day, every moment.  His presence is real and we don’t need props to remind us of Him.  In this physical world we easily forget that there’s a real world all around us that is not touched and seen.  We lose the sense that Jesus is ever present.  Too much of our Christian experience is knowing facts about Him, and not getting to know Him.  Pictures and words don’t do it.  An intimate prayer life will.  

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