Holiness and Happiness

Thursday, Aug. 18                             

“Marriage is to make us holy, not happy.”—Tom Thieme.   This really caught my attention, and as I thought about it, I’m not sure I totally agree with him.  I don’t think it’s either/or.  I think the holiness and happiness go together.  I’ve lived long enough to know that despite the claims of a few couples, there has never been a perfect marriage.  There are always bumps in the road.  It’s par for the course.  Obviously some couples have more bumps than others, and some of the bumps are more like ravines.  Big bumps will send a car into the ditch, and some marriage bumps will send couples to marriage counselors or to divorce lawyers.  But back to Tom’s quotation.  Most weddings are joyous occasions.  Love birds expect a life of happiness, and often are disillusioned.  It doesn’t take long to conclude that there is more to marriage than unending bliss.  When the bumps come, the Christian traits of love, patience, tolerance, and forgiveness should take over.  The bumpy situation provides the opportunity to exercise those traits.  When that happens, holiness prevails.  And that, in turn, produces happiness.  In short, holiness produces happiness and lack of holiness produces just the opposite.

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