The Passover

Tuesday, Aug. 23                             

While focusing on the Feast of Tabernacles I mentioned the three greatest festivals.    The first of the three was the Passover.  It was to celebrate how God spared the Israelites from the Death Angel as God delivered the nation from Egyptian bondage.  It was no coincident that Jesus died on the cross on that day.  There is a lot of interesting data concerning Passover.  Bethlehem was where lambs were selected for sacrificing.  It was no accident that Jesus was born in Bethlehem, nor that he was called the Lamb of God.  The Passover was so important in God’s eyes that he gave the Jews a new calendar based on it.  Ex. 12;1 ff.  The calendar was also changed after the cross, although it was a belated change—by Gregory XIII in 1582.  We still use the Gregorian Calendar today.  The entire Passover is an analogy, a picture of Christ, the Lamb of God, being slain in our place.  He would not only spare us from the Death Angel, but would put Death to death—then replace it with Life, eternal life—not just unending life, but a quality of life that supersedes anything we know in this world.  All of this at a cost.  Blood was shed and death took place. But of even greater importance than the physical death was the spiritual death, which came when the Father had to turn away from his son, who was carrying the load of sin for all mankind.  This cost  would have to be the most expensive gift anyone has ever given to anyone.  That was the measure of God’s love, not just for the Jews, but for all who would receive the gift and acknowledge the Giver as Lord and Savior.  This meaning of the Passover would have to be the one most important event of all history, infinitely more important than a new calendar, Jewish or Gregorian!  Passover is rightfully the most important Festival of all time.  Remember that when Easter comes up on your Gregorian calendar.

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