Unleavened Bread

Wednesday, Aug. 24                          

The Feast of Unleavened Bread was a part of the eight day Passover Festival.  The plagues against the gods of Egypt decimated Egypt.  The climax came with the death of all the first born sons.  At this point, the Israelites were not just allowed to leave, they were forced to leave.  Two million or more people were to “get out” in a hurry.  God knew all this ahead of time and instructed the Israelites how to prepare for a quick departure., part of which was to bake unleavened bread to take with them.  Unleavened bread doesn’t mold as quickly as other bread and can last for days.  Like all the events surrounding the exit from Egypt, the unleavened bread was not just a practical matter, it was an analogy of a future event.  It was so important to God  that he ordained seven days to commemorate it.  The yeast was a picture of sin.  Once yeast permeates the dough there is no way to get it back out.  The sin nature is like that.  There’s a reason why Jesus called himself the bread of life.  He referred to himself as manna, the bread of heaven, bread without yeast.  Just  as yeast can’t be extracted from the bread, neither do we get rid of sin on our own.  Get rid of the yeast by getting rid of the bread.  Replace the moldy bread with unleavened bread.  Get rid of the condemned life and replace it with the Life that comes by Christ.  I wonder if Jews today understand this analogy.  Eating matzah is not enough.

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