How to Help

Thursday, Aug. 25                                                      

“The best thing we can do for anyone is to pray.  No one but God knows just what a person needs.”  Probably every Christian understands and accepts this truth.  But, like a lot of other truths, we don’t necessarily live by it.  Too often we think we know what another person needs and maybe we try to help meet the need.  When it comes to spiritual needs, it gets a bit ticklish.  We  are not too sure what to do, if anything.  We don’t want to be confrontational and we fear making things worse.  Sometimes we just do nothing.  So we end up with this truth that God can do what we can’t.  And here is where we can really fail. We recognize that prayer is the right way to go, but how much do we pray?  I tend to mentally give up and do nothing.  There is plenty of Scripture that talks about persistent prayer.  We know it, but do we believe it?  Check yourself on how much you pray for things beyond your ability to deal with and you will discover how much you believe.  And by the way—why use prayer as the last resort?

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