On Being a Saint

Monday, Aug. 29                         

Pastor Doug has been reading a Jonathan Edwards book and we are the beneficiaries.  Jonathan Edwards said that we are to be “visible saints.”  Just being a saint is daunting enough.  I realize that he’s not referring to the RCC version of sainthood, and that the Scripture refers to all born again believers as saints.  I also realize that we are declared saints on the basis of belief in the cleansing from sin that Christ provided for us on the cross.  So it’s possible to be a saint without doing a very good job of performing like a saint.  So I don’t feel altogether comfortable about being called a saint.  But the word “visible” is what caught my attention.  I’m fairly certain that when Edwards used this word, he did not envisage standing behind a pulpit talking to a few hundred people, nor was he limiting it to people like Martin Luther or John Wesley.  It is not a matter of being in the limelight or of gaining renown as a Christian speaker or leader.  I think he meant that we should be viewed as servants of the Lord, living godly lives in order to draw people to the Lord.  And I think it includes encouraging and ministering to one another as Christians.  It also means being a mouthpiece for the Lord, ready at any moment to share the good news with those who need to hear it. I repeat; it’s daunting.

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