The Apostolic Age

Friday, Sept. 2                                    

The Apostolic age is from the beginning of the church as recorded in Acts 2 to the death of John in about 100 A.D., a period of about 70 years.  The New Testament fairly well covers the first 30 of those years, up to about 60 A.D.  By that time the gospel had taken root and churches were established in every area of the Empire.  Strong churches developed in several cities, Alexandria in north Africa, Antioch, Jerusalem Ephesus, and Smyrna in the Palestine area, and Rome, the seat of the Roman Empire.  These centers developed “schools” to deal with doctrinal issues that arose with the new truths revealed by Christ.  These Bible scholars (theologians) were dedicated to resolve or clarify the issues over Christ being God, the dual nature of Christ, the virgin birth, the trinity, and church authority.  They also had to combat a host of false doctrines that were making inroads in the Church.  Besides doctrinal issues, they were harassed and persecuted by the Jews on one side, and the Romans on the other.  It was a formidable task.

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