Early Theologians

Wednesday, Sept. 7                           

There were many godly men(and women who served the Lord faithfully in the first century, many of whom are revealed in the N.T.  There were evangelists, teachers, and pastors, but not all of them would be classified as theologians.  Paul, John, and James (Jesus’ brother and the author of the epistle James) clearly were theologians. And there were inspired writers that we might not call theologians—Matthew, Mark, and Luke.  But there were also some theologians in the first century that were not writers of Scripture, and who are not identified in the New Testament.    Among them were three that  made valuable contributions, both in developing Christian theology and in defending the faith:  Polycarp, Ignatius, and Clement of Rome.  All three were committed to Christ and all three died a martyr’s death.  To get a feel for their drive to hold fast to the truth, their zeal and dedication, let’s take a closer look at one of them tomorrow, Polycarp.

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